A Busy Start for the Sandy College Food Technology Kitchen

The year has started off with real enthusiasm in the Food Technology kitchen. The students have all acquired or reinforced good hygiene and safety principles in the theory room and have demonstrated these skills by preparing a wide range of food items to test this knowledge and skills. Check out the photos to see what we have been up to.



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2014-02-07 10.25.14








Kick your brains!! Maths Puzzle:

?????????????A Buddhist monk got an errand from his teacher: to meditate for exactly 45 minutes. He has no watch; instead he is given two inscent sticks, and he is told that each of those sticks would completely burn in 1 hour. The sticks are not identical, and they burn with variant yet unknown rates (they are hand-made). So he has these two inscents and some matches: can he arrange for exactly 45 minutes of meditation?

Sandy Hospitality Students Kept Busy

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Sandringham VET Hospitality students are able to cater in their very own Sandy’s Training Restaurant situated at the Senior Campus. The VET Hospitality class is made up of Year 10, 11 and 12 students. Throughout the year they have gained experience by working in a commercial kitchen at Holmesglen TAFE, through Industry experience and by catering for a range of functions. Their most recent function was to cater a two course meal for sixty Senior staff within one hour. The student’s worked efficiently and presented themselves in a highly professional manner. The teacher’s were very complimentary of the standard of food served. We look forward to preparing and serving lunch at our Training Restaurant over the next couple of months.

Sandy Food & Technology Folio Products Hit their Mark

Food & Technology Unit 3 / 4 students produce food items to suit  themes and /or specifiactions of individual Design Briefs. See if you can identify the following themes for the photographed food items; A Circus Theme, French Desserts, A Children’s Birthday Party, A Spanish Menu, An Asian Dinner Party, Cooking with Eggs, A Sesame Street Birthday Party, A Rustic Lunch, To suit a Japanese Menu, A Mad Hatter’s Tea Party.  

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Sandringham Food Technology Students are a Talented Group

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Unit 3 / 4 students must complete a folio for assessment. They write their own Design Brief which means that they choose the theme and type of food product they will cook to meet the Design Brief theme and criteria. The students have just completed cooking all of their food items. The types of food cooked are varied and all use complex cooking techniques. As can be seen from the photo slideshow, the food is of a high standard.

Well done students!



That time of year has come again! It’s baby chicks and ducklings time! The Year 11 Biology classes will be looking after their very own duckling or chicken for the next couple of weeks. Observing their natural behaviours and also attempting to “teach” them new behaviours.

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